“It’s awful. We don’t use the water except for to flush the toilets. We buy gallons of water to fill up the bath tub to bathe the kids in because I’m scared they are going to get water in their mouth,’ Tara Buckles of Flint said while walking out with her daughters Madison Buckles 5 of Flint and Anahlynn Buckles 2 with their free water filter while leaving the Michigan Department of Health Human Services in Flint on Tuesday October 6, 2015. Buckles who is currently pregnant goes to her mother’s house outside of the city to shower and fill up well water to bring home. The state of Michigan provided the filters to residents with partnership from the Michigan Department of Health Human Services and the Genesee County Community Action Resource Department. The filters are part of Governor Snyder’s water action plan for the city since high levels of lead have been found in the drinking water that comes from the Flint River.”

When did state know kids in Flint were lead poisoned?

By Nancy Kaffer

December 17, 2015

Excerpt: “… when I asked Gov. Rick Snyder this week, he said he couldn’t recall.  Officials at the state department of health say they didn’t know what was happening until a Flint pediatrician released her own analysis in September — even though data previously collected by the state showed the same trend, a reversal in a decades-long decline in the percentage of kids with lead in their blood.  And the health department has been stalling a Virginia Tech University researcher who has been trying to get public records that could show who knew what, and when. … For months, state officials worked diligently, not to investigate the brewing public health crisis in Flint, but to discredit outside experts presenting test results contrary to the state’s assertions that everything was fine. And all that time, data that would have shown what was happening was ignored.”