they try and erase us
rename us
displace us
but we ain’t faceless
our bodies are here
we shed tears from the sweat
of our Ancestors
bask in the glory of their resistance
the blood in our veins is of legends
we will not be nameless
they cannot shame us with their propaganda
demand our silence through their genocide
we will not hide behind their trinkets
their choo choo trains
and hockey rinks
we are Detroiters
the Black mecca of possibility
we will not go quietly into the night
we carry the fight of Joe Louis
got the Black fist to prove it
we are warriors and artists
the innovators
they call arsonists in October
they run us over when we resist them
but we’re persistent
generations of resilience
we wage love in a world out to get us
productive despite their insistence
the city we won’t let die
no matter how much
they try us