Water Resistance Trial Underway in Detroit

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Water Resistance Trial Underway in Detroit

By Bill Quigley

November 19, 2015

Excerpt: “Those on trial said civil disobedience was their only option to address the grave public health crisis of mass water shutoffs, since the City of Detroit was under emergency management, which effectively strips all elected officials of decision-making power. One of the people on trial is Bill Wylie-Kellermann, pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Detroit.  He told The Detroit News “It was, at the time, the last vestige of democracy in the city.”

Defendant Marian Kramer of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and Highland Park Human Right Coalition highlighted what she sees as the irony of the City criminally charging and prosecuting defendants for nonviolent defense of Detroiters’ right to water.  “The true crime is that thousands of people who are struggling to pay their water bills are being deprived of a basic necessity of life.   Instead of implementing the Water Affordability Plan, which would tie water rates to income and which Detroit City Council supports, the Mayor chooses to shut off the water of thousands of Detroiters. Who is the real criminal?

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  1. The link I’ve provided is for the 1 hour long press conference held December 8, 2014 by the Homerich 9 – http://bambuser.com/v/5135598. Sorry I wasn’t able to post the link sooner.

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