DETROIT, MI — A Wayne State University professor sees Detroit’s long-term urban planning blueprint as destructive and plans a Feb. 25 presentation to explain why he views it as a “deathblow” to the the city.

The 347-page Detroit Future City strategic framework was revealed in 2013 after years of planning spurred by former Mayor Dave Bing. And new Mayor Mike Duggan’s development chief has called the document his “Bible.”

The plan’s implementation office is scheduled to open a new location in a Feb. 20 announcement of top priorities and a new branding plan.

But law professor Peter Hammer a few days later plans to present his case against the framework, which he said will “re-organize Detroit out of existence.”

Hammer is director of the Damon Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne State University Law School.


Thanks to Shane Bernardo for the live stream! announcing the event:

Read and download the “Framework”