Principles of Unity

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management
Detroiters Restoring, Empowering, Motivating

We the people of Detroit have come together to protect and advance democracy in our city. We stand with our sister cities and school boards around the state who are under attack by emergency manager legislation.


We  stand for:

  • Self determination for all communities
  • Home rule for local governments
  • Open, democratic processes
  • Decisions based on values of respect, justice and love
  • Defense of the City Charter
  • Developing community land trusts
  • Transparency/accountability
  • Local control of local education
  • Resistance to the assault on public schools, public assets, union contracts, pension funds, and basic services

We oppose the Emergency Manager and Public Act 436 because it:

  • Violates the will of the people expressed in the last election
  • Insults the legacy of all those who have fought and died for democratic rights of people
  • Destroys the right to vote for and hold accountable elected officials
  • Will not fix the financial problems facing Detroit
  • Benefits wealthy wall-street bankers and bondholders, while stripping valuable public assets, cutting services, and gutting union contracts
  • Is used primarily against African American communities
  • Removes from power 75% of the elected African American officials in Michigan
  • Puts the tax burden on the backs of Detroiters, ignoring the taxes owed by corporations
  • Ignores the policies advanced by banks to benefit from the foreclosures destroying our neighborhoods

We urge all justice seeking people and organizations to join us to:

  • Educate ourselves about Emergency Managers
  • Engage in resistance to their unethical decisions
  • Support and participate in direct actions and public protests
  • Create new forms of democratic practices


  1. Theresa Williams

    October 22, 2014 at 5:44 am

    I am interested in doing all that I can as a citizen to revert everything that has been done under this emergency manager. It is unconstitutional.

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