“If that is his definition of success, may he not be successful.”


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  1. Yes, this is a police state and a corporate fascist state and we have Bouchard, R-Oakland County, who affiliates himself with the Constitutional Sheriff’s/Police Officers Assoc. CSPOA. His names on their list!! YOU check out what CSPOA stands for and how they are affiliated with white supremist group Oath Keepers. Then, check on the list of counties having Military weapons and Bouchard has himself $1.4Million. So, does Wayne County & Livingston and we have 7 CSPOA’s in Michigan. With that affiliation…what do you think their attitude is and how much of an impact on their subordinates does it have??? Disband CSPOA & send their MRAP’s back to the Pentagon. Then, shall we have a Tax Revolt? We aren’t represented and are paying taxes thru the nose. Where’s Shuette? In the gang of RED AG’s that are in a secret alliance with the Energy Industries? He’s using OUR $$ against US! How about we just shut this state down and stay home. Let them run their pseudo Corporate Fascist State w/o our $$ for a change. Tax themselves and cut their pay. Yes, I’m in the streets protesting and have been for 6 yrs and I’m ready for a good ole fashion sit-in & more! Balls rolling….keep up the great work and maybe, we’ll even get the Koch’s John Birch Society disbanded and repeal all ALEC laws….now, wouldn’t that be our old America?

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