Stir it up: No one is to blame for Flint but Snyder

By Larry Gabriel

December 30, 2015

Excerpt: “…you need to go to the source of it all,” I said. “This abomination lies squarely at the feet of Gov. Snyder. No, not at his feet, it’s in his heart and soul, his psyche. He was warned that the water from the Flint River would leach lead from the pipes without fixing them for that use. He poisoned the residents of Flint in order to save some money. It’s heartless, cruel, and I would hazard to say criminal. He was told that the Flint River water would leach the lead from the pipes.

“Heartless, cruel, and criminal has kind of a ring to it,” Mulenga scrawled the words with a crayon on the wall. “Of course no one knows where that finger of accusation is pointed.”

“Point it directly at Snyder, not that he didn’t have his cohorts,” I said. “When I think back to those very first political ads of his were entertaining with the comic ‘it’s time for a nerd’ approach and I look at the damage he has done to people it scares me.”

Mulenga convulsed for a few seconds. “I just thought of him as a precursor to Donald Trump and a shiver ran down my spine,” Mulenga said. “One tough nerd came on coy, but look at what he’s done. Trump has an even bigger entertainment appeal and based on what he’s saying now, I wonder how much further he’s willing to go.”

“I see why you’re shaking; that makes me shaky too,” I was glad to be sitting down because my knees were a little weak. “But Snyder is the devil we got right now. Trump is next year’s beast.”