Dear Beautiful People,

As many of you are aware, a year ago last July, charges of “disturbing the peace” were brought against Rev. Bill Willie-Kellerman and Marian Kramer and seven others for blocking Hornich trucks.  These trucks were leaving their parking yard to go on their daily mission of turning off water in hundreds of homes of poor Detroit families.

This violation of human rights not only jeopardizes the health of thousands of families, who were simply asking for affordable water, but places many of these families in danger of losing their children because they cannot provide a healthy home without water.  Finally, after waiting for over a year and four months, Bill and Marian were granted their right to a jury trial.  After several days of amazing testimony that outlined not only the suffering created by the water shut offs, but also the refusal of the city of Detroit to create an affordable water payment plan, the jury was sent home and told to come back the next day to begin deliberations.

While the trial was concluding for the day, Attorney’s Butch Hollowell and Doug Baker, from the city of Detroit law department, went to Judge Michael Hathaway in the Circuit Court and, without notifying the counsel’s for the defense, were able to receive a stay.  When the jury returned the next day they were sent home and their deliberations put on hold until the stay is released or Judge Hathaway rules on the city’s motion for a mistrial.

In order to fight the city of Detroit’s end-run around justice and the ruling of a mistrial our volunteer legal defense team will need some immediate financial support.  Our Attorney, John Royal, has already paid hundreds of dollars of his own money in order to make these necessary filings.  After talking to John it became clear that we will need to raise a minimum of $2,000 to support the legal work that is needed to keep Judge Hathaway and the city of Detroit, through its law department, from blocking the right of seven jurors to deliberate and reaching a verdict.

After the hearing in front of Judge Hathaway, several people who had come to support Bill and Marian pledged to contribute fund to pay for the expenses of this amazing volunteer defense team.  While this was a great beginning more funds are needed. John has agreed to record our contributions so that we will know when we have reached our goal.   Your contributions can be sent directly to Attorney John Royal at the following address:

Attorney John Royal

615 Griswold

Detroit, Michigan 48214


If you have questions or need more information call or text me at 313-268-0068.

The importance of this issue goes far beyond this one trial.

We are grateful for your support in this struggle for justice.


God’s Grace, Peace and Power,

Ed Rowe

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