Republican Legislators Push for Cities to Be Treated as “Tenants of the State”

Republican Legislators Push for Cities to Be Treated as “Tenants of the State”

By Simon Davis-Cohen

March 19, 2017

Excerpt: For years this loophole has been exploited, across the country. Lobbies like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a leading force behind state preemption, and their allies have made it their business to chip away at Home Rule. Now, in 2017, the limits on Home Rule are becoming so far-reaching that Home Rule itself is at risk of being reversed…. Not surprisingly, in January 2016 the American Legislative Exchange Council’s American City County Exchange (ACCE) — created to push local free-market reforms like municipal right-to-work — released a paper in defense of Dillon’s Rule. “Local governments,” they wrote, “are tenants of the state….”

The best defense is a good offense. So, what might a strong offense look like for local governments?

Local self-determination has been a demand of Native nations, liberation struggles and neighborhoods for years, decades and centuries. Now, these dormant demands are gaining mainstream recognition. A central demand of the Standing Rock Sioux is self-determination and sovereignty. As Betsy DeVos takes the helm of the US Department of Education, state takeovers of elected school districts will likely spread, prompting education justice groups like the Journey for Justice Alliance to elevate age-old demands for “community control of schools.” In several states, the efforts of the Community Rights Movement to advance a new relationship between states and local residents, which takes into account basic protections for local self-governance, are similarly gaining recognition.”

ALEC dreck: Federalism, Dillon Rule and Home Rule


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