In October 2014, we convened the employed, unemployed, underemployed, self employed, students, retirees, artists, teachers, activists, organizers, theorists, farmers, culture creators, builders, inventors and entrepreneurs from pre-teen to seasoned. We gathered together to discuss and advance the cause of New Work and New Culture and what that means for a New Economy. Several hundred participants spent three days with us as we dug deep into the J-O-B system and how it organizes the work of the world in a certain way.

We emphasized on the fact that the J-O-B system:
  • Offers too much to some and little or none to others.
  • Depends on production for the sake of production and consumption for the sake of consumption.
  • Compels unequal relationships between employers and the employed.
  • Is cruel to the unemployed.
  • Drives the insatiable destruction of precious natural resources.
  • Is hostile to the creation of community.
  • Is inherently stressful to individuals, families and society and deforms the entire process of education.
  • Politically empowers some to the unnecessary disadvantage to others.
  • Reproduces entrenched racial and global disparities.
  • Promotes conflict rather than cooperation.
We identified that the J-O-B system is not only failing – it is a menace to life on the planet and is a system whose time is past.
It is in that vein that we welcome the North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum to Detroit. We look forward to learning from the work of so many and to sharing the work and story of Detroit. At this gathering, we will learn, share, debate, perform, live and experience the social solidarity economy.

The social solidarity economy is a movement and a framework that connects these ways of living, working, playing, creating and dreaming in order to fundamentally transform our social and economic world.

Please join us, as we join people throughout the world who are building ‘another world’ – one that seeks to be in harmony with each other and the earth.

Registration and workshop submissions are currently open.

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