QLine Misses the Mark

By Renard Monczunski

June 20, 2017

Excerpt: More than $70 million of public money — state, federal and local — was spent on a project that serves an area populated by nearly 80 properties where Dan Gilbert is reported to have a business interest. Had the tens of millions in funds been invested in Detroit’s bus system, we’d be much closer to real regional transportation….

There is also no acknowledgment of the feelings of racial injustice the QLine invokes. That injustice comes from spending enormous amounts of money on transportation that serves a fraction of the city that happens to be one of the whitest and most affluent, while the system that serves more than a half million mostly black and brown residents is virtually ignored. Real regional transportation begins with serious support for world-class transportation for the state’s largest city and building out to the suburbs from there.

While more than three miles of a slow, expensive trolley could never attract and keep auto-averse millennials, a bus rapid transit system and support for regional transit could. The people who have stuck with Detroit through thick and thin and who rely on public transportation for commuting to school, work and medical appointments should be supported as they continue to live, work and spend money in Detroit.”