PRESS RELEASE:  Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development, Universidad sin Fronteras and Museo del Norte welcome an international delegation of Braceros  which will arrive at LaSed, 4138 W. Vernor, Detroit for a major press conference on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013. At 10:00 a.m.

The international delegation of 15 members of the Alianza de Exbraceros del Norte, 1942/1964 representing the rights and interests of Braceros includes a number of Braceros, relatives and legal representatives who are traveling to appeal their historic case before the U.S Congress and the United Nations.

The Bracero program was a bi-national agreement between Mexico and the U.S to supply Mexican laborers to work in agriculture while US men went overseas to fight in World War II.

The purpose of the international caravan is “to claim due pay but most important to claim their place in history with the proper respect and dignity they deserve” says Rosa Martha Zarate, USA coordinator of the caravan. The Bracero program was instituted from the early 1940’s to the mid 1960’s under which close to 400,000 thousand Mexican peasants participated.

The hosts of this event have a particular connection to the Braceros’ struggle: Museo del Norte is dedicated to documenting the lives of Latinos in Michigan, and the story of the Braceros is not included in our official history. Universidad Sin Fronteras is dedicated to education for liberation, which can only happen through truth telling missions such as this. Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development have been advocated for the Latino community in Detroit for over 40 years. Our historic roots are connected to those who came to work in the fields and we stand with the Braceros in their pursuit of justice.

Elena M. Herrada (313) 974-0501