Flint-based community organizer Nayyriah Shariff

Power of the People

By Curt Guyette

February 24, 2016

Excerpt: “By leading the way in conducting their own study, activists such as [Nayyirah] Shariff and [Claire] McClinton were at the forefront of sounding the lead alarm in a way that gained widespread public attention.

And from there, they kept pressing. When the state, in early August, held a press conference to announce a 10-point action plan that didn’t include a switch back to the river, the two women were part of a protest — held outside, because, even though they were the ones being poisoned, residents weren’t allowed inside to hear the state’s plans to address their concerns.

And though there were hugs and high-fives a few weeks later when Snyder announced Flint would be allowed to switch back to the Detroit system, they knew that in some ways their work was only beginning.”

Claire McClinton, retired autoworker and longtime activist