Peter Hammer & Michael Shank, “Detroit on the Brink”

Next year heralds the frightening but inevitable endgame of fiscal austerity that will forever change the character of this city. Stripped to the bones, Detroit will be a shell of its former self, offering minimal services of police and fire protection and that’s about it. A city no longer, Detroit will be a convention and sports space with no municipal services to sustain it. … The Blight Removal Task Force Report, which backed by big developers and corporate executives, proposes spending $850 million to demolish residential homes, and the city can expect another $500 million to $1 billion to demolish larger commercial and industrial properties.  Considering that this money is going only to a few suburban developers and their crews, and could’ve been spent revitalizing economic and educational opportunities for Detroit’s remaining low-income communities, reducing health disparities, helping with everything from head start to job training, next year is set up to be particularly crippling for residents.

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  1. It’s so sad. We can truthful state that Gilbert stepped up so he can be on top of it first hand and be the first in line, secretly!

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