WE THE PEOPLE of the City of Detroit, having carefully assessed the Plan of Adjustment and duly deliberated the acts of Defendant KEVYN ORR and his unindicted co-conspirators, RICK SNYDER, JONES DAY, MILLER BUCKFIRE, CONWAY MACKENZIE DECLARE and Charge:

Defendant KEVYN ORR is GUILTY of the following misconduct:

  • He knowingly imposed the costs of the Great Recession on Detroit’s most vulnerable retirees and other residents;
  • Violation of the State Constitution I. He exercised authority as an Emergency Manager under financial powers that were repealed by Michigan voters;
  • Violation of the State Constitution II. He exercised authority to slash pension funds to pay Wall Street banks.
  • Violation of the UN Charter on Human Rights. He ordered mass water shut offs of water to make the Water Department more attractive for private purchase.
  • Endangering Public Health. His aggressive and ill conceived shut offs endangered children, families, basic sanitation, public health and safety;
  • Conspiracy to commit robbery. Working with downtown developers he gave away public lands for the benefit of private interests.
  • Violation of Civil Rights. All those living in neighborhoods have been forced to pay for downtown development and preparation of land for corporate interests. Federal money, designated to neighborhood revitalization has been stripped away, preparing for further destruction of existing communities.
  • Hate Speech. He has publically presented himself as willing to Cut Detroit’s throat and leaving us to “bleed out in the gutter.”

WHEREFORE, this 27th day of January, 2015, we say “GOOD RIDDANCE.”

We further state that should Kevyn Orr return to Detroit or Michigan he will face the judgment of the people.

We further publicly warn all Citizens of Atlantic City that a thief, robber, and criminal conspirator is likely to be in their midst. Please do not send him back. But watch out.


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  1. It’s shameful how kevyn Orr deceived the Detroit city council violated the people of the city of Detroit play the role of a puppeteer for the state of Michigan and still somehow it’s not in jail he help Shantel Jenkins break the law to work for a private contractor that received more than $250,000 a year in annual grants from the city of Detroit under her Direction the Great Lakes water resolution is it illegal Association and this is the main reason why I’m running a write-in campaign to fill the seat Shantel Jenkins vacated and she ran away from I am Tonya Wells write my name in candidate Detroit City Counsel

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