SOEDREMDetroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM) Presents:

People’s Forum II: Next Generation
State of Emergency!

*EXPOSING the roots and effects of Emergency Management
*FIGHTING displacement and colonization in our communities

*ILLUMINATING the path to dignity and self-determination of all generations

Over half of Michigan’s African-American population is under is under dictator rule by Governor appointed Emergency Management?

Emergency Management does NOT increase revenue, does NOT improve quality of life, does NOT reduce debt?

There is no accountability for decisions made about our communities by Emergency Managers?

Learn more about these pressing injustices and be part of creating community solutions.

Saturday November 30th 10am-2pm
Northwest Activities Center
18100 Meyers Rd #1  Detroit, MI 48235
light snacks will be provided
Calling all Detroit Artists!Musicians, MCs, Poets, Film makers, and Media makers of all ages!Calling Artists from all communities under Emergency Management rule!
Contribute your brilliance to represent your community at the State of Emergency Event and Exhibit

How have you and your community been effected by Emergency Management and its many tentacles?

How are you and your community resisting these injustices?

What does your vision for your community’s future look like, and what solutions are already growing in your community?

Calling for Videos, Graphic Designs for memes, posters, and shirts, Photography, Songs, Poems, or any other form of expression that can be shared digitally to answer these questions.

we need to tell the true stories of resistance, resilience, and visionary community-led solutions happening in Detroit and across the state of Michigan.

Submissions can be sent to by November 20th

For more info go to