Statement from Stop Veolia Seattle: After literally years of work, our 100% volunteer team has created a massive 101-page Zine with submissions from around the world documenting Veolia’s criminal anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-poor practices, alongside popular victories against Veolia in Paris and Palestine.

We are incredibly grateful to all who submitted their writing, art, labor and love.

At the heart of this Zine is the defining and redefining of solidarity. We understand Veolia as a microcosm for tracing the intersections of our struggles locally and globally, for the potential and the need for solidarity and for what that community of  joint-struggle might look like.

Veolia, the largest privatizer of water globally, the largest privatizer of transportation in North America, until recently one of the main profiteers of Israeli apartheid and a company that can be traced back to Napoleon, helps us to trace the roots of today’s neoliberalism in earlier manifestations of Western imperialism and exploitation.

This Zine is both an archive of these grapplings as well as a kind of “biography” of Veolia and its crimes globally. Skip around, you can read about Veolia in Asia, Chile, Detroit, Palestine or Seattle first. Or enter thematically via the right to transportation, freedom of movement or disability justice. Check out the table of contents and choose your own adventure.

What could happen if our communities were truly in the habit of working together?

We look forward to meeting you inside this discussion and, more importantly, this practice.

If you would like to print the Zine for distribution in your communities:

1. You will need the print version** of the file (which is different than the web view uploaded to Scribd.)

2. Set Adobe Reader print options to legal size 8″x14″ and to booklet setting. This guide will walk you through.

**We will update the website with a working link to the print version shortly. If you would like us to send you the file directly write to us at

Please do share on social media!

Thank you for your support!

Stop Veolia Seattle