DETROIT – Today, Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM) issued a statement urging the State Senate to reject the expansion of the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA). The coalition also condemned state lawmakers who voted to expand the EAA. The House narrowly passed the expansion of the poorly performing Authority by a vote of 56-54. The coalition especially condemns the votes of Democrat Harvey Santana and Independent John Olumba for expansion of the failed authority“The EAA by any measure —teacher turn over, falling enrollment, classroom management, academic achievement—is a failure. The Republican driven push to expand it is a triumph of political dogma over common sense and overwhelming evidence,” said Tom Stephens of D-REM. “The Democrat and the independent that voted for it don’t even have the bad excuse of partisan politics. In fact, Representatives Harvey Santana and John Olumba both represent Detroit, whose children will continue to be victimized in the Governor’s failed, anti-democratic experiment in education. This is a continuation of the take over of local school districts, despite the GOP rhetoric about ‘local control’ and ‘fiscal responsibility’ as the EAA is part of the move to usurp elected school boards and continues to drive up deficits.”EAparthiedALogo

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management