“Apparently it’s going to be a thing now.”

MDEQ e-mails show stunning indifference to Flint peril

By Nancy Kaffer

October 22, 2015

Excerpt: “Again and again, MDEQ officials noted that the city planned to switch water supplies again next year, when a new regional water authority is complete. Any testing or treatment plan would just have to be re-done — so why bother? When Virginia Tech researcher Edwards’ team began working in Flint, state officials wondered whether to let him know that the city was changing its water supply, and not to waste resources.

Everything was fine, MDEQ insisted, in alignment with federal standards.

And they might have thought that was true. Or true enough.

If there’s such a thing as benign neglect, this was malignant indifference, on an institutional level.

I’m reminded of the old cliche: For evil to flourish, all that’s required is that good people do nothing. In Flint, what happened was more insidious: For evil to flourish, all that’s required is for people to do exactly, and only, what is required of them. Nothing less.

Nothing more.”