“The recent crimes against public health in Flint, where people were forced to drink contaminated water so Gov. Rick Snyder’s emergency managers could save money, should prompt a serious reassessment of the costs of suspending local democracy and a system of checks and balances in the name of austerity.”

Letter: The costs of suspended democracy

By Maureen Taylor (MWRO)

November 23, 2015

Excerpt: “Protecting people and our environment should begin with the question of how do we improve the lives of our people, how do we ensure our natural resources for the future? The standard of how much can we cut before we destroy is obscene. Protecting the Great Lakes and the people who depend on them begins with the precautionary principle to avoid harm. Snyder and his EMs have substituted a recklessness principle: serve the bottom line even if it harms those they are elected to serve.”