Tawana ‘Honeycomb’ Petty, Bryce Detroit, Piper Carter, Will Copeland and many others interviewed on Move to Amend Radio. Click here to listen.

“This July marks one year since the city of Detroit proceeded to shutoff water for tens of thousands of low-income households behind on their bills, an act the United Nations condemned as a human rights violation. Under Michigan’s Public Act 436, also known as the “Emergency Manager Law,” the democratic process has been suspended for Detroit and other Michigan communities under the guise of improving their “financial management.” For decades, Detroit has served as a testing ground for how private corporations can takeover local governments, privatize their public infrastructure and services, and pillage community resources absent any form of accountability to the people who live here. This has become a model for the corporate takeover of cities around the United States to pursue their own versions of Michigan’s “Emergency Manager Law.”

In solidarity with the people of Detroit, we are spending this month highlighting their community’s struggle for social, economic, environmental and cultural justice. Each week, we will feature local residents, community organizers, and cultural activists struggling with the dangerous effects of corporate rule and how they are working to transform Detroit into a self-governing, sustainable community with a healthy culture.”