Lead in Your Water: Are Federal Tests Missing Poison in the Pipes?

By Lisa Riordan Seville et al.

August 3, 2016

“The disaster in Flint brought national attention to lead in water just as the EPA finalizes new regulations, due out in 2017. But it’s unclear if the revisions will include more rigorous testing of drinking water…

…federally mandated tests used across the country to ensure water systems are safe may significantly underestimate lead levels in drinking water. By some estimates, up to 90 million Americans could be drinking from water systems that, if tested more rigorously, would not pass federal muster.

“The flaws in our sampling program have created a false sense of confidence both with the utilities, and the EPA, and consumers in this country that lead in water is a problem of the past,” said Dr. Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech researcher who helped expose widespread lead contamination in the water in Flint, Michigan. “This is a problem of the present.””