A donation of clean water is brought to Flint residents from Dearborn, MI. Flint’s water has been poisonous, causing serious health hazards.

Lead in drinking water: Do Flint lives matter?

By Nayyirah Shariff

November 2015

Excerpt: “Our anecdotal stories, individual medical records, and visual aids weren’t enough. We facilitated a study with Marc Edwards, a leading expert on water treatment and corrosion. He discovered the Flint River Water is so caustic it is leaching the lead from the pipes and making its way into our tap water. A study led by physician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha discovered that since the switch to using the Flint River as our drinking water source, blood lead levels increased among our most vulnerable population, our children. So, do “Flint lives matter?”

For the state and this administration, the answer is “no.” Bond ratings and balanced budgets are more important than the health and welfare of our residents. The decision to use the Flint River was motivated by projected “cost savings” and to balance the budget. This began under the unelected emergency manager, and it continues under Flint’s mayor. This shortsighted fixation over immediate savings will have longterm effects for Flint residents.”