New Detroit is better, prettier, evolving, and more inclusive. It’s also a dangerous lie. …

New Detroit believes in progress. They do not see race. They see race, but don’t talk about it. The talk about it very briefly before changing the subject. They ignore the discussion on classism or dismiss it with a neutral stance. New Detroit is any color, but they do not believe in rocking the boat. New Detroit wants you to understand with crystal clarity that they believe in equality for everyone.

New Detroit saw the racist thing you were outraged about on Facebook one day. They say there was nothing to be upset about. They say it wasn’t really racism. They say they don’t believe on focusing on the negative. They say the best way to change a situation is to simply lead by example.

New Detroit is friends with a person who committed the same act. New Detroit is friends with the current perpetrator. New Detroit is the perpetrator. New Detroit just did it for the laughs, no offense meant. No offense ever meant. And besides, everyone gave it a like. No one said anything about it. They think everyone should be made fun of equally. New Detroit lives in a better age now, and you should really get with the program.