CALL TO ACTION // Endorsements

July 15th, 2016
1601 Springwells, The Revolution Lounge

We, the many layers of residents on Turtle Island in Detroit call on all labor, immigrant, indigenous, faith, artist, educator, activist, and community of color organizations to endorse and mobilize for the fundraiser of the people of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Our communities face increased state and economic violence. Only by building a mass movement in the streets that unites all of our struggles can we win our fight for justice and dignity, from Detroit to Oaxaca. We need your support and solidarity.

Recently our Indigenous Mexican families, consisting of primarily teachers and kids wanting access to democratic, equitable, and non oppressive education, are experiencing death and dismay and need our support. In Oaxaca, Mexico an artist educator, Gran OM, of the CTNE (The Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación), [a union of educational workers], sent some posters to Detroit in efforts to increase fundraising support in their community. The CNTE is organizing for quality, accessible education that is costing people their lives.

As you know, there has been an attack on our public education in Detroit from the violent weapons of emergency management.  And for those that are on the ground fighting against the privatization of our public resources, like education, it appears that we have lost in Detroit, but the war against neoliberalism is still being fought in communities like Detroit.  Neoliberalism is not healthy for our communities; it is an ideology where the elite individual is rewarded and celebrated at the cost of the people and the land.  Because of this behavior from politicians, policy makers, organizations, corporations, activists, and humans, our collective action and becoming unified right now is more important than ever.

Let’s support our families in Mexico with this action of solidarity, while at the same time reigniting the fire amongst our people and organizations in Detroit to climb up against the takeover of our land, water, and education.

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