Gentrification’s Toll: ‘It’s You or the Bottom Line and Sorry, It’s Not You’

Gentrification’s toll: ‘It’s you or the bottom line and sorry, it’s not you’

By Rebecca Solnit

May 3, 2016

Excerpt: “Contemporary gentrification is an often violent process by which a complex and diverse urban environment becomes more homogeneous and exclusionary. It does to neighborhoods and cities what climate change is doing to the earth: driving out fragile and deeply rooted species, and pushing the poor past the brink.

Think of climate change as a globalized form of gentrification, reducing complex environments, uprooting species and cultures, punishing the poor and rewarding the rich – or at least leaving them out of the purges. After all, the reason why climate change continues unabated long after most of the world has acknowledged its seriousness is that it’s profitable for some, notably fossil fuel companies, and not threatening enough to the people in power. You can buy your way out of a lot of trouble, if watching the suffering and annihilation of others doesn’t trouble you.”

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  1. It’s a real pluasere to find someone who can think like that

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