By Kim Hunter

October 12, 2015

Democracy versus Bottom Line Mentality

Excerpt: “Let’s be clear, emergency managers would be unconstitutional and wrong even if the DPS budget was fixed and families were flooding back into the schools. It would be wrong even if Flint River water turned out to have healing properties. There are ways to make budgets and public services work, to give families functioning schools and affordable water without trampling on their voting rights. Justice and fairness have to be at the core of such solutions. There can be no justice or fairness when the community and the community’s basic rights and concerns are ignored. We cannot get fairness and justice with a corporate, top-down, money-trumps-all-approach. We have to commit to solutions that include even deeper public engagement.  Indeed, if anything, we have learned that the corporate approach to community challenges fails on all fronts. When we let money trump democracy, we lose both. In the case of Flint, depriving voters of their rights has cost families much more than money.”