Claim No Easy Victories. Paris Was a Failure, but a Climate Justice Movement is Rising

By Martin Lukacs

December 14, 2015

Excerpt: “When one assesses the terrifying physical deadlines approached by climate change, it is tempting to despair. When one sees the face of this movement, it is impossible not to feel courage. In Paris, its face was thousands marching in defiance of a protest ban, local activists enduring house arrest, Indigenous peoples paddling down the Seine, refugees on the city’s outskirts refusing to be discarded, and delegates disrupting conference proceedings utterly removed from the urgency of the science and suffering. And now it is returning home to the places where its power lies, in the fields and the forests, the city councils and the co-ops, the seas and the streets.”

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  1. No, it was not successful. It failed all of us!! We will NOT consent to this!

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