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Detroit People’s Climate March, April 29

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Water Testing Project – We the People of Detroit

Organizing Against the Savior Mentality, April 7

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Community Benefits 2.0 – Statewide Convening

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In Love and Struggle: A Conversation with Robin D.G. Kelley & Stephen Ward

We hope to see you all on April 2nd at 2pm!

In Love and Struggle: 

A Conversation with Robin D.G. Kelley & Stephen Ward

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

315 E. Warren Ave.

Detroit, MI

Book signing to follow conversation.

Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference, June 1-4

Thinking for Ourselves: Silence of the Good

BV Poster

By Shea Howell

March 6, 2017

Every year, on March 2, I listen to the speech Dr. Martin Luther King gave at my college in 1967. This year marks the 50th since I first heard him there. A month after he was in Marietta, Ohio, he would speak at Riverside Church in New York, “Breaking the Silence” on Vietnam. There he would proclaim that America was the “greatest purveyor of violence” in the world and that we needed a “radical revolution in values against racism, materialism, and militarism.” A year later, he would be killed.

King’s subject was the future of integration and, while acknowledging progress in civil rights, he explained that “the murder of civil rights workers is still a popular pastime in the south.”

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Help Save the Cass Commons


An Appeal to the Social Justice Advocacy Community in Detroit

From the Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Council

In 2011, the Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) received as a gift the property of the First Unitarian-Universalist Church (First UU), located at the corner of Cass Avenue and Forest Street. This property consists of the august church building and sanctuary, as well as the adjoining elegant parish house, which has a spacious vestibule and parlor, a very large social hall, a kitchen, and several floors of multipurpose rooms. Constructed in 1916, the structure has been awarded an historic designation, and occupies a prime site in midtown Detroit, a central hub of corporate gentrification.

Protecting and Securing a Vital Base

Given this synergy of organizational activities over the years, the property has become a true “commons” for social justice advocacy and cultural development. However, the care and maintenance of an aging, 44,000 – square feet facility involves heavy financial responsibilities. Though EMEAC has succeeded in securing grants, a few major rental contracts, and intermittent income from rentals for events such as weddings, workshops and conferences, these strategies have not generated the volume and regular flow of funds required to cover operational costs.

An Immediate Goal of $60,000

As major corporations appropriate the heart of the City, dislocating and dispossessing working class neighborhoods, people of color and the poor, we social justice activists who are current EMEAC board members want to secure this valuable, strategically located community center. We are convinced that this base is indeed treasured by many community members. Therefore, we are inviting those organizations and individuals who have created projects and relationships here — relationships and mutual efforts which, in fact, constitute the commons, to join us in implementing a program that will secure this property while advancing our capacities to build movement unity.   Our immediate goal is to raise $60,000. Then we will work to generate an income of $10,000 each month.


6 Ways to Support Immigrant Neighbors

6 Things to do to support immigrant neighbors
GLOBAL Detroit

1. Put up a sign stating that everyone is welcome (attached). Download and print the signs from this website:

2. Join the Michigan Immigrants Rights Center newsletter. Stay up to date and be an ally when anti-immigrant legislation comes up:

3. Sign-up for a KNOW YOUR RIGHTS training! –   (More dates to follow!)

4. HOST a Know Your Rights (KYR) session at your school, church, or neighborhood and invite as many as you can!

5. Share these videos from MIRC:

Spanish and English video of our 5 minute community education videos. Some folks have been showing this video in small groups and then having discussion with copies of our guide. Here are the links to those videos:



MIRC made a 20 minute English “train the trainers” video as a companion to our popular “Preparing Your Family for Immigration Enforcement” guide.  Here it is:

6. JOIN THE ACLU!! They need support and volunteers!

(AHEM! 7. Others are wondering what they can do, so post what you are doing on FB and share this email every couple of weeks with others!)

Support the Cass Corridor Commons!

Over the years we have all depended on the Cass Commons as a safe, welcoming and progressive space. Formerly the UU church, it has been a steadfast beacon for justice. Please consider sending a check to support this valuable community asset.

Send a check to 4605 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 c/o EMEAC to support this vital space.

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