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Thinking for Ourselves: Resisting Closures

By Shea Howell

April 11, 2017

We are rapidly approaching the moment of decision on Detroit public school closings. The announcement in January by the State School Reform Office that another 24 schools would be closed in Detroit has been met with angry, vocal resistance. Parents, students, teachers and community activists are holding meetings. They have stages rallies, protests and speak-outs. Everyone agrees that more school closings will harm our children and our communities. The Mayor is on record as opposing closings and the newly elected school board has found the courage to file a lawsuit, claiming the closures violate state law.

In response, Governor Snyder commanded State Superintendent Brian Whiston todevelop agreements that he hopes will defuse resistance. These agreements are a shameless scam. They will subject schools to stringent requirements and provide a pretext for continued state intervention, including the possibility of more closures and district takeovers. Unable to make the distinction between coercion and a partnership, the spokesman for the state education department, William Disessa said that if the schools “don’t develop a partnership agreement with the Michigan Department of Education by April 30, then they will be subject to the next level of accountability.”

These forced partnerships are not in the interest of our children or our communities. They are another pretext for relentless privatizing actions. The same forces that have been destroying our schools for nearly two decades designed these “agreements.”

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Frank X. Murphy: A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal: 

Aggressive Interrogation of Corporate Education “Reformers” 101

By Frank X Murphy

April 2, 2017

Quaint, archaic notions of education from earlier eras have de-emphasized things like dialog, free inquiry and enlightenment values.  These pedagogical modes no longer apply to our modern, post-citizenship educational systems.  We propose new and more effective methods of interaction with those who measure educational “outcomes” using badly designed standardized tests and market-based rhetoric for power and profit.

Altho in earlier eras best practice responses to such crimes would often entail putting rats like the corporate education “reformer” against a wall and shooting them, these interrogation guidelines envision more effective civil resistance measures that allow learners to explore the contested boundaries between nonviolence, mental health, and the interaction of public policy with curriculum development in both community and school, for purposes of nonviolent (if possible) social self-defense.

The corporate education “reformer” should not be slammed against a wall (“walling”) without extreme provocation, and in no event for longer than the hours their racist and demeaning standardized tests are annually inflicted on children victimized by their abuse.

The corporate education “reformer” should be confined with smaller vermin, for a period minimally necessary under Detroit Public School-type room temperatures of excessive heat and unbearable cold, to give some appreciation for the unbearable human rights violations experienced by many Detroit school children in poorly designed and maintained buildings created by state takeover and “reform” scams.

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Rally Against School Closures! Feb 17 @ Noon, State of Michigan Building

We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective: Visualizing the Education Crisis

Emergency Community Meeting on School Closings

Join the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement (DIFS) for an emergency meeting on the crisis in Detroit schools and nationwide.

Click here to RSVP via Facebook.

To learn more about DIFS, check us out here.

We hope to see you on Sunday!

Support the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement! Order DIFS Hoodies, T-Shirts, or Longsleeves

Support the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement!

Click here to order DIFS Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Longsleeves

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Out of Options: School Choice Gutted Detroit’s Public Schools. The Rest of the Country is Next.

School choice gutted Detroit’s public schools. The rest of the country is next.

By Allie Gross

December 19, 2016

Excerpt: “The result was a negative feedback loop. As students left, the district lost funds and had to make cuts. Maybe it nixed art, or got rid of a social worker. Maybe it crammed more kids into a classroom, or made the risky decision to get rid of on-site boiler operators. Maybe, if things were really tight, it shut down schools. These quick fixes in turn made the district less “competitive,” and so the kids who could leave eventually did. The district lost even more funding and sunk further into entropy. “It is akin to an arsonist adding an accelerant to a fire,” Peter Hammer, the director of the Damon Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne State’s law school, wrote in a 2012 paper on the effects of competition in DPS.”

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TELFORD TELESCOPE: The DPS SPEED Slate’s Defeat May Prove Disastrous

By Dr. John Telford

‘SPEED – Saving Public Education with Excellence in Detroit: Charting our Cheated Children’

I have a vision in my heart and in my spirit and my soul

That Motown’s children in my chart will never have to pay the toll

Of poverty and ravaged mind, or end up dead or on the dole,

But will in EDUCATION  find their life-affirming future goal.

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WATCH: Community Conversation on Crisis in Detroit Schools (10/29/16)

DIFS Panel (3 Videos)

Panelists: T. Pedroni, H. Moore, A. Harris, M. Peters, and K. Kheperu

Q & A – Audience Members and Panel Members

Q & A – Audience Members and Panel Members

Individual Panel Members (5 Videos)

Professor Tom Pedroni, Wayne State University

Mrs. Helen Moore, Keep the Vote, No Takeover & DIFS

Professor Aurora Harris, University of Michigan – Dearborn & DIFS

Dr. Melvin T. Peters, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Michigan University

Mr. Kamau Kheperu, Detroit L.I.F.E. Coalition & DIFS

Other Highlights (4 Videos)

Volunteers Needed for DIFS

Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law, PA 436

DPS School Board Candidate Recommendations

Elena Herrada, DPS Board in Exile

TELFORD TELESCOPE: The rightful DPS Board’s ‘SPEED’ Slate for the “new” Board

By Dr. John Telford

The recent democratically elected but undemocratically dissolved School Board’s SPEED Slate running for the new Board includes six of the former Board, along with me.  Those six former (and rightful) Board members are Tawana Simpson, LaMar Lemmons, Ida Short, Wanda Redmond, Elena Herrada, and Herman Davis.  These individuals are running this fall for the state’s new and Lansing-engendered Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education.  This impending new state-created Board, now to be reduced from the former eleven to only seven members, is the latest far-reaching effectuation of the unwarranted1999 state takeover of DPS and its disenfranchising followup emergency management law.   (To repeat: In1999, DPS had a surplus of $114 million and its students’ test scores were at the state midpoint and rising.  After all those years under state mismanagement, DPS is $3.5 billion in debt, and except for the “Educational Achievement” Authority (EAA) scores, DPS scores are the nation’s worst.)  Our SPEED Slate is also endorsed by longtime schools activist Helen Moore, and every DPS employee had better pray that at least four of us get elected on November 8.  I am funding my individual Board campaign with my own money to avoid any appearance of being bought by and beholden to anyone who has interests contrary to the educational progress of our schoolchildren.  I served as this recent and RIGHTFUL Board’s chosen Superintendent pro bono in 2012-2013, driving myself to work in my own car every day, attending all of its meetings during the past five years and sitting with it at its ‘Board-in-exile’ table as its ‘Superintendent-in-exile.’

I have drafted these eight initial but essential positional Agenda Items for our SPEED Slate (as well as for any of the numerous additional Board candidates who are prepared to discuss these Items on my Sunday afternoon radio show at3:00 on WCHB AM1200 and hopefully set forth a similar agenda, since if a candidate has articulated no coherent plan, that individual perforce cannot be a credible and effective candidate or a credible and effective Board member):

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