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Whose City? Our City!

by Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management

Emergency Management: Ruthless Disregard of Citizens, Democracy and the Rule of Law

As we approach the end of the summer of 2014, the citizens of Detroit have endured nearly a year of uncertainty and confusion about the future of our City stemming from the bankruptcy eligibility trial and the imposition of an emergency manager by Governor Rick Snyder. The illegal foisting of bankruptcy on the City is yet another of the ruthless, undemocratic tactics implemented by the right wing to achieve the agenda of the City’s corporate elite. Though Detroit does indeed have a cash flow problem, this is true of many cities. In Michigan, there are many municipalities with cash flow problems. At the April 30, 2014 bankruptcy hearing, we learned that the state of Michigan has rated cities according to the severity of their financial crisis. Even though there were several predominantly White cities with greater severity ratings, 100% of the predominantly Black cities on the list, regardless of their ratings, were placed under emergency management. This fact exposes the racism of the appointment of emergency managers to cities with majority African American populations. When democratic majority rule places African Americans in control, Governor Snyder and the legislature do not hesitate to push the duly elected officials out of power by any illegal means they can devise. Appointing an emergency manager over our City was an act of unprecedented lawlessness. Continue reading

Statement on the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM) Statement on the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)

The future of Great Lakes water was decided behind closed doors. The bankruptcy court ordered mediation among local political leaders. They developed a new regional Great Lakes Water Authority.  This new organization, delivering water and sewer service to more than 4 million people, does not protect the human right to water, nor does it embody what it means to hold the Great Lakes, as a public trust.

Detroit’s water and human rights crisis of broken pipes in the winter, mass shut offs in the spring and summer, contamination of Lake Erie water downstream in July, and catastrophic flooding in August, illustrates the high stakes involved. Continue reading

#PeoplesPlan Press Release: Community Groups Release Plan for Detroit based on Resident’s Needs

For Immediate Release
News Release
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Contact: Shea Howell –  313-282-7669

Community Groups Release Plan for Detroit based on Resident’s Needs, Input
Detroiter’s voices and concerns crucial to reestablishing democracy

DETROIT – Monday, at Historic King Solomon Baptist Church, a coalition of community based groups released a plan to directly engage Detroiters in charting a course for their future.  The National Action Network (NAN), Moratorium Now and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM) were among the groups releasing the “People’s Plan for Restructuring: Toward a Sustainable Detroit”(  That plan will be the center of the “Emergency Town Hall Meeting,” Sunday, March 2, 3:00 p.m. at Central United Methodist Church, Woodward and Grand Circus Park. Continue reading

People’s Declaration of Detroit’s State of Emergency

edphotoThis is a living document facilitated by a city-wide coalition of organizations and individuals. This declaration will change as our community responds to the quickly changing political and social conditions of Detroit. Please read, sign on in support/solidarity and download to share with your neighbors!

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