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D-REM Open Letter to Judge Steven Rhodes

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Detroit 2016: Linking Struggles for Racial and Economic Justice

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“The world moves when we all learn, wherever we come from, to question the systems of power, privilege and prejudice in which we are raised, and to consider how we might best lend our energies and resources to shift those systems, to make life fairer and freer for everyone.” – Laurie Penny

Let’s Make Every School Day Count!

 Let’s Make Every School Day Count!

A Call to Mobilize and Organize Positive Educational Experiences for Detroit Children

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM)


Next Freedom Schools Meeting:

Monday, June 6, 6pm

@ Dexter Elmhurst Community Center 11825 Dexter Ave., Detroit, 48206


Governors Engler, Granholm and Snyder, Mayor Duggan and their appointed Emergency Managers have ruthlessly pillaged the Detroit Public School System. The system’s immense debt is directly attributable to the racist policies, financial malfeasance and theft of this Republican administration. It is impossible for our children to receive an education in the wreckage that is left. We have to respond to this crisis with our own ingenuity and community self-determination.

The first stage of the current schools crisis began in 1999 when Governor John Engler dismissed the duly elected Detroit School Board, and in its place appointed individuals who would cooperate with the City and State power elite to plunder the $1.7 billion education surplus that had been recently passed. Following that outrageous violation of democratic process came the appointments of one Emergency Manager after another, the most recent being Darnell Earley, administrators whose slash and burn tactics, greed and malfeasance wrecked Detroit’s public education system beyond recognition. Now Governor Snyder has decided to divide what is left of the system into two “separate” boards – an “old” board saddled with the formality of paying the enormous debt, which under Snyder’s scenario is the currently elected Detroit School Board and a “new” board consisting solely of mouthpieces appointed by Snyder and Duggan until far into the future. There is a further legitimization of for-profit charters in Detroit and the theft of Detroit schoolchildren’s money by suburban districts and charters by the creation of an overseeing Detroit School Commission to cover up the destruction and assist parents and children in further abandoning DPS.

Corporate policies and strategies and the racist political objectives have thereby ensured that several generations of our children have been robbed of an education. Thousands of Detroit children have suffered through years of disorganized curricula and sporadic class schedules, administrative corruption and irresponsibility under Emergency Management, ineffective school-parent communication, and poorly maintained, unsafe facilities.

There is nothing in such a degraded system that can provide the knowledge, skill sets and social development that our children need. We support the actions of hundreds of DPS teachers who refuse to cooperate further with the Emergency Management’s failed policies and systematic destruction of the school system. These policies deprive our children of an education as they fatten corporate interests and the pockets of depraved appointed administrators who are not accountable to our communities or our local elected officials. We support the teachers’ stand against further exploitation of Detroit’s school children. Continue reading

A D-REM public comment on Michigan’s State Water Strategy

The State of Michigan is developing a State Water Strategy; Public comments are due by August 28 @

If you care about our water, send them yours!

The draft state water strategy document entitled “Sustaining Michigan’s Water Heritage” is available at: DEQ – Michigan’s Water Strategy


A sample comment written by a D-REM member is below… Your comments need (should?) NOT be as voluminous. 


“… access to safe drink­able water is a basic and universal human right, since it is essential to human survival and, as such, is a condition for the exercise of other human rights.”

–Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ (P. 23 ¶ 30)

The State of Michigan’s attempt to formulate a water strategy suitable for the times we live in – and the context of water riches that define our state[1] – must reckon with some brutal realities.  Broadly, these include the following conditions and obstacles to water justice:

1.    Exploding economic inequality

2.    Innovative policies undermining democracy – especially in Michigan’s urban communities – like Governor Snyder’s “emergency management” statutes

3.    Our evil heritage of racism, as well as other forms of unjust domination

4.    Our planetary climate emergency, and our related contemporary energy crisis

5.    Powerful governments and corporate special interests exploiting wars as means of increasing their power and wealth

The existing draft strategy’s minimalist treatment – or rather avoidance – of such realities leads it to pin hopes for reasonable access to affordable water on a “communication strategy”.[2]  This undermines any confidence that might otherwise be placed in this draft policy document.  We need strategies that face the real world, not disengaged rhetorical guides to management best practices.

Continue reading

Statement on Water Affordability vs. Water Assistance for DWSD Low Income Customers: Assistance is not Affordability

By MWRO, Sierra Club, People’s Platform and D-REM

Metro Detroit needs affordable and accessible water and sewage rates and payment plans for vulnerable populations based on income.

Over several weeks of participation on the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) committee meetings, we have arrived at several conclusions about this process and its outcomes on water access and affordability for low-income customers:

The GLWA WRAP is designed to fail. It is a very underfunded program intended to serve a larger population of customers than current, failing DWSD assistance programs. WRAP is based on temporary solutions to long-term problems and, therefore, will not deliver on customer self-sufficiency measures and regular payment requirements.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has operated for decades without a basic understanding of how its municipal customers operate and assist their retail customers (including affordability concerns), thereby contributing to current GLWA WRAP design challenges and flaws. Continue reading

D-REM ALERT: Resist the Water Shut-off Plan

D-REM Flyer


Water, Race and Reason

by Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management

According to the newly created Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), nearly 36,000 households in Detroit are facing water shut offs as soon as the weather clears. The Water Department is targeting commercial accounts first with an outstanding debt of about $20 million dollars. In the same breath, however, they list another “first.” They will permanently shut off 8,355 households that have turned their own water back on. Calling these “illegal hookups” the Water Department is trying to criminalize desperation. The fact that people have been driven to this extreme step, along with 26,000 other households behind on bills is clear evidence of the inadequacy of Mayor Duggan’s assistance programs. Continue reading

Resolution: Stop the Foreclosures

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management

March 15, 2015 



Whereas:       We, the people, of D-REM, a coalition of more than 50 community based organizations, and citizens of the city of Detroit, Wayne County and the state of Michigan do hereby demand that a moratorium be placed on all Tax Foreclosures for a minimum of one year to allow our government to develop a comprehensive plan to address the extraordinary and devastating number of foreclosures that are slated to occur in 2015. It is critically important that our government consider the implementation of the people’s recommendations placed in this resolution to deal with this problem of tax foreclosures that has reached catastrophic proportions. 

Whereas:       D-REM is extremely concerned about the tax foreclosure crisis that is threatening to overwhelm the quality of life and neighborhood stability in the city of Detroit for many, many years into our future. There are 62,000 properties headed to tax foreclosure in 2015 citywide. More than 30,000 properties will go to a tax foreclosure Auction to be sold for $500.00 or to the highest bidder if nothing is done in the interim.

Whereas:       More than 100,000 residents of Detroit could potentially be displaced; that is the equivalent of 1/6 of the city’s population. This would be devastating to those families that are forced to leave their homes. It will be equally horrific for those families that have paid their taxes and will continue to be residents of the city because of the conditions that follow the unprecedented number of foreclosures.

Whereas:       We, the people, implore our government at every level, local, county, state and federal to establish economic justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for our common defense, promote the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Continue reading

The Education Crisis in Detroit

Statement of Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management

January 2015

“Our whole life is but one great school; from the cradle to the grave we are all learners; nor will our education be finished until we die.” – Ann Plato (born 1820)

The Governor’s recent appointment of yet another Emergency Manager for Detroit Public Schools (DPS), hours before the elected school board would have voted to end outside rule, is such a morally outrageous assault on the citizens and children of Detroit as to compel an outcry. D-REM hereby condemns this ongoing exploitation of Detroit’s school children. We point out that there have been no positive outcomes whatsoever as a result of the imposition of Emergency Managers by Governor Snyder. On the contrary, EM policies, implemented by one “new” set of “educational reformers” after another, have undermined the entire public education system in Detroit. Continue reading

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management Statement on the Plan of Adjustment

Federal Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes’ approval of the Plan of Adjustment is not in the best interests of Detroiters. The plan, submitted by emergency manager Kevyn Orr, supported by Mayor Duggan and Gov. Snyder, protects banks, gives away public resources, and has no method to revitalize the city.

We object! Continue reading

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