Carve ups: 

… on [Dan Gilbert’s] annual pilgrimage to a pumpkin patch with his wife and five children, a stranger offered advice that shook him to the core: “Carve your pumpkin from the bottom.” … he’s turned his not-insubstantial carving skills on an entire city.

– Forbes



Cut throats:

Now look, I’m a trial attorney. I can cut somebody’s throat and leave them to bleed out in the gutter with the best of them. But I didn’t want to do that. That’s not my role in this job. My role in this job is sort of the zen of emergency management.

– Detroit Emergency Manager Fascist and Jones Day Law Firm Bankruptcy Partner Kevyn Orr (June 10, 2013)

Carve outs:

Q: What is the scope of services for Jones Day’s contract with the City of Detroit?

A: The core restructuring with a fee cap, and “carve outs” (i.e., additional fees) for everything else.

David G. Heiman, the head of Jones Day’s global restructuring practice (i.e., Orr’s boss) and lead attorney in the Detroit Chapter 9 Bankruptcy (4/5/13) (As of mid-September 2014, Jones Day had reportedly billed Detroit nearly $50 million; Heiman bills $945/hour – a 10% discount!)