Black Voters Need Justice, Not Training Wheels

By Kim Hunter

April 29, 2016

“Governor Snyder, and Rhodes, are acting as training wheels for voters unjustly castigated as being unfit to vote and therefore having their constitutional rights violated in the utmost. The Governor and Rhodes are practicing an almost surreptitious racism-with-a-smile that effectively says to black voters: we’re going to “help” you by denying your rights until we think you’re ready to have them back. It is whitesplaining writ large on the body politic.

The double tragedy of all of this is that, not only have our basic rights been violated, but also the records of previous unelected Emergency Managers consist of total failure. That includes highly questionable contractsmisrepresented test scores and a complete and utter failure to do what they were appointed to do: fix the DPS finances. In fact, the Detroit system had a surplus before being taken over by the state and being driven into deficit.”