American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Confidential Memo; “The Plan for Detroit”

Confidential sources recently disclosed the following shocking document. It appears to be a memo from a representative of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the corporate-funded one stop shop for repressive legislation created by Koch Industries and other equity investors in rightwing gangster enterprises. The memo to leading agents of corporate power in Michigan is publicly disclosed here for the first time. It baldly reveals the scope and breadth of Republican/bipartisan business strategies for taking over the City of Detroit, in the interest of Big Money special interests.

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Here is the full text of the memo:

From: H. Barrett Strong, III
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

To: Michael McGee, Esq.
Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone

Jase Bolger
Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives

Joseph Lehman
President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Re: The Plan for Detroit (CONFIDENTIAL)

Date: October 1, 2012

Little Brothers,

Anticipating the end of the current 2012 election campaign a month from now, in which it appears our interests will be fully protected, no matter what the official result of the voting, I write to candidly review recent progress since the mid-term election of Rick Snyder and his Republican colleagues throughout the upper Midwest in 2010.

This next period of time, as we discussed during our recent conversations at Harbor Shores,1 will focus primarily on our mutual ongoing efforts with regard to restructuring of strategic forces and investments in Michigan’s largest city.

1 Thanks to former Dickinson Wright counsel Geoffrey Fields, whose simultaneous representation of both the City of Benton Harbor, and the Harbor Shores luxury condominium and golf course development, so brilliantly enabled the repurposing and realignment of Jean Klock Park’s publicly accessible lakeside sand dunes for more progressive purposes; this new bipartisan concept of ‘Co-incidence of Interests’ should serve as a model for Mike McGee and Miller Canfield’s role in the realignment of Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. Where our interests are involved “conflict” of interest is out of the question; realignment and restructuring enable synergy and win-win public/ private partnerships. (WWPPP)

Emergency Management Legislation
Michigan’s Public Act 4 is a leading edge MF2 (Milt Friedman)-style model for increasing and maintaining our interests. Inconvenient legislative powers of local government, as well as union bargaining ‘rights’ and potential eminent domain ‘reform’ are all on the agenda for even more powerfully achieving our objectives. Property and human ‘rights’ defenses previously available to potential Detroit plaintiffs and political opponents are ineffective under PA 4’s “Emergency Manager” powers, so they are having difficulty opposing our efforts. Heckuva job of drafting this ultimate weapon of class domination, and then going above-and-beyond to negotiate its implementation on behalf of the city Mike!

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As with ‘virtually’ all aspects of local government under the “slow emergency manager” structure being implemented in Detroit, our agents are currently pursuing strategic alignments for adding value to our investors’ overall assets. Victory at the November 6 poll is ‘virtually’3 assured, even if our voter suppression efforts fail to prevent the people of Michigan from voting “no” on Proposition 1, because state attorney general Schuette is a reliable operative for our interests, and has done what is in his power (See “Courts” below), to resurrect a ‘zombie’ version of previous PA 72 MF legislation.

3 You will recall we were discussing over drinks in Harbor Shores the importance of “virtual” government concepts derived from the PA 4 Emergency Manager powers: outsourcing, privatizing, contracting, creating independent “authorities,” consulting and other opportunities modeled on the Cobo Hall, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, Detroit Public Schools and other ‘customer service’ takeover operations. The significance of these reforms can hardly be overstated. Others can “own” whatever they want or plead for; since we legally control it, we will nevertheless use it for our interests. The reforms Governor Snyder is achieving with your faithful support are transforming the very idea of government accountability; institutionalizing legal and political authority of MF-in-genius Emergency Managers; and State-sponsored “turnaround” officials controlling local governments like Detroit through the ‘slow emergency manager’ powers of the Detroit Consent Order. These projects collectively demonstrate a new, increased power to achieve our objectives and develop our interests

‘Detroit Works’
This longstanding vehicle for realigning Detroit’s resources and our interests is still working to become fully operational. Mayor Bing has been no more effective in this “signature” program of his than in any other aspect of his term. Nevertheless, nonprofit agency leadership has developed the potential to transform “Detroit Works” into a ‘virtual’ planning and development process. The main benefit is expected to be controlling the focus and agenda of major media ‘news’ coverage.

City Council
They’re irrelevant.

State Legislature
They’re our b*%$#itches; as long as they can debate antiunion bills that won’t pass; keep getting paid by Maroun’s bridge monopoly; and ban the word “vagina.”

They’re our other b*%$#itches.

Water Department
This is a long-prized and aggressively–sought (for more than 140 years!) financial, political, environmental and public health – state and regional – asset. It is now being intensively incorporated under our control, using an early model federal court-ordered ‘virtual’ takeover strategy that is being pursued diligently by DWSD “consultant” EMA, Inc. They recently recommended 80% staff reductions in the agency, now that we control it more directly and are ‘virtually’ in a position to allocate its multibillion dollar revenue stream into our pockets, er … in our “interests.”

Rapid Transit
This is “FUBAR.” “Mayor” Bing’s administration has again been ineffective. Suburban regional domination of the existing highway-based transportation grid is lucrative, but also becoming more expensive, for our interests. This will require significant resources in the coming year to continue progress as we have since the 2010 election victory of our right wing over our other wing party.

The risk of further tactical confrontations like last month’s Chicago schools strike is a potentially significant future cost. Schools – like mass media and political races generally – will continue to be a critical front of exploitation in our interests, telling people what to think about Detroit, restructuring the public conversation for strategic use of the educational and informational resources we control, and most important: producing obedient students, workers, soldiers and if necessary prisoners.

Labor Costs
This is progressing considerably more rapidly than transit, but our litigation and productivity costs are also rapidly rising as our expenses for wages and benefits greatly decrease. Our interests clearly entail putting as much pressure as possible on workers’ political and bargaining representatives. We will be hard-pressed to exceed the impact and audacity of our recent ‘Vote No on Proposition 2’ political advertising, which blames labor unions for child sex abuse! (Nice touch, Joe and all the folks at Mackinac Center … Much better than Jase’s phony-Democrat-candidate-for-the-state-legislature fiasco. Aren’t the real Democrats flexible enough for you?)

This is another critical policy our forces will continue to use to enlarge our interests. (See discussion of the word “virtual” in the Benton Harbor Shores footnotes above) As we toasted in the 19th hole of the Harbor Shores links, we can turn virgin sand dunes into speculative real estate and get paid for it! Under a Democrat Governor! We are gangster good!

That tried-and-untrue Larry, Moe and Curly (labor, privatization and deregulation) recipe for neoliberal domination (“There Is NO Alternative!”) is rapidly transforming Detroit, and even Michigan as a whole into a ‘virtual’ modern third world colony-style resource for our interests. Congratulations, gentlemen. As Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker enthused when he though he was talking to Rich Koch (but it was that scumbag left wing blogger imitating Him): ‘This is our time!’

Opposition Research
We have been able to achieve so much so fast primarily because of the lack of effective, coherent opposition to our interests. As noted above, Detroit City Council is deeply divided, lacks any workable alternative policy approach, and remains ‘virtually’ irrelevant. The potential to generate solid opposition in the community after the summer 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit, or even the “Occupy” movement in 2011, has been neutralized through strategic employment of nonprofit foundation assets, and/or not actualized by those identifiable opponents of our interests. As noted above, we are pursuing the MF Emergency Manager policy partly because, in addition to offering fabulous business opportunities, it is hard to oppose politically, as demonstrated by the rapid deployment of the Detroit ‘slow emergency manager’ strategy under the statutory “Consent Agreement” options.

Detroit is and will remain well in hand, unless our interests face the unlikely event of effective labor/community solidarity in opposition, employing direct action and counter- organizing and reality–based information tactics. Expected intense economic depression in the next calendar year should afford us additional opportunities for implementing solutions to the ongoing crisis of authority problem that is solved by employing MF emergency manager statutes, to assert control over community social capital and invest it in our interests.

Achieving ‘virtual’ governance of the City of Detroit under the ‘slow emergency manager’ structure in the context of comprehensive austerity programs for those not invested in our enterprises, and moving forward with eminent domain ‘reform’ under the state constitution will be forthcoming major steps toward unprecedented new alignment of our interests with Detroit’s resources and future.

This message is intended only for the use of the entities to which it is addressed. It may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law as confidential communications. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication or other use of a transmission received in error is strictly prohibited by some shit we will make up on the fly. Any resemblance to reality, democracy, justice, freedom or equality is purely coincidental.

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