In Detroit, we face a rapid increase in joblessness, emergency managers, corporate land takeovers, increased right-wing/counter-revolutionary governmental policies in Lansing, attacks on our water systems, our public parks, our educational systems and our food system.In recent months, we have seen hundreds of renters evicted in brutal, inhumane fashion with little to no notice, in order to make room for entertainment downtown. We have seen an emphasis on gentrifying neighborhoods and the promotion of a superficial upswing in city value, while urban areas continue their decline in city services. We have been forced to endure over 20,000 water shut offs and rising, with no regard for the health and well-being of children and elderly. We have witnessed a school, which supported young people with disabilities, closed down, shipping them into various schools that cannot support their needs, with little concern for their welfare. And while our educational system has been reduced to standardized test preparation for the smart kids and suspensions for the “at-risk youth,” the city has heightened its militarization.We live in a time where the empire is dying and those in government and finance lack the answers to provide us with solutions to move this city and this country forward. We live in a time where those who have the illusion of power attempt to continue their authoritarian rule with increased militarism at home and abroad. We live in a time where those in government and corporate America continue to evade the global environmental crisis, while flip flopping sides on where they stand, leaving the American people to suffer as a result of their indifference.

In Detroit, we are saying, “enough is enough!” We will not be silent about the Grand Bargain that leaves the least of us behind! We will not be silent as the millionaires and billionaires celebrate our demise! We will not be silent as the bankruptcy is lauded as a victory over poor people! This is our city, our state, and we are committed to creating a new world, for the people and by the people!

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