By Frank X. Murphy

April 13, 2016

In spring 2016 the town of Thugginville was in a kerfluffle.  The bad Governor’s Racist Political Assault (RPA) caused unhappiness.  Lawlessly Severing Democracy (LSD) lifted up a Zombie Election Results Ogre (ZERO). Schools turned into corrals for thinking.  Water was poisoned in a neighboring village to the north, and shut off for Thugginville’s People who lost their jobs and pensions.  Housing was taken from the poor to give to the rich.  Greater Downtown Thugginville got billions of dollars in investments, while surrounding neighborhoods where the People live were shut out and shut off – from education, water and housing.

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Meanwhile the bad Governor and the ZERO ran around with banksters, much slicker politicians than them, dollar-blind journalists and their corporate billionaire funders.  They constantly proclaimed that Thugginville was in a great revival, restructuring, and recoupment “River of Opportunity” reality, because of their LSD hallucinations.  What were the People to do?

Some children and their older friends start a new way.  In Democracy, Education, Activism and Love (DEAL), they start organizing freedom schools in Thugginville neighborhoods, community centers, churches and union halls.  Learning becomes a transformative, intergenerational life experience, caring together with all our loved ones.  DEAL-fired imaginations create possibilities – for survival, growth, and alternatives.  Gardens grow.  Commons water flows.  Empty houses become homes for homeless.  With truth rolling down like the commons water, the bad Governor and the ZERO feel very angry and humiliated.  What reality should their dark money Fascist Austerity Restored-Corruption Energy (FARCE) fabricate?

The Jurist Emitting Repeated Killing Orders For Financiers (JERKOFF) rides out of his big pension retirement, to rescue the bad Governor and the ZERO.  He very politely advertises an inevitable, reasonable and business-like $100 million-plus Ponzi scheme to create more thought corrals.  They would pump more cheap water to the ZERO’s fellow suburbanites, destroy more Peoples’ homes, and refinance infrastructure for the school-to-prison pipeline, giving more tax breaks to billionaires.  Now the bad Governor and the ZERO with their bankster, journalist, politician and billionaire friends are planning their annual Big Ultimate Lie Lounge Shoveling Hocus-poke-us In Terror (BULLSHIT), on the old-fashioned tourist island up north way past the poison water village, where they will drink toasts where they won’t have to face People on Thugginville Strait.  Last year it was Jones Day’s Outrageous Ripoff Rodeo (ORR).  What will happen next?

Frank X Murphy

Frank X Murphy is the pen name of one really pissed-off Great Lakes Commoner. 

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