7 Toxic Assaults on Communities of Color Besides Flint: The Dirty Racial Politics of Pollution

By David J. Krajicek

January 23, 2016

Excerpt: “I see what’s happening in Flint as the classic case and a poster child for environmental racism,” [Dr. Robert D.] Bullard told me. “This is a man-made disaster. It did not have to happen. And it basically tells us that the state of Michigan believes that the residents of Flint don’t deserve equal protection. They don’t deserve the same rights that would be enforced if they were not largely poor and majority African American.”

“Unfortunately, Flint’s water scandal is a symptom of a much larger disease,” adds Madeline Stano, a staff attorney with the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment in Oakland, Calif. “It’s far from an isolated incident, in the history of Michigan itself and in the country writ large.”